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29th June 2007

Leeds University’s New Green Roof May Hold the Answer to Alleviating the Current Flooding Problem

This week the Leeds University became a little bet greener with the installation of its very first green roof on its brand new performing arts centre. The roof was installed by Lancashire based McLaw Living Roofs who are Green Roofs specialists and install green roofs throughout the UK.

Green roofs can be installed on flat or gently pitched roofs. Instead of leaving the roof in a relatively ugly state once waterproofing is complete, they are planted with a beautiful living green layer of green sedum plants.

There are a huge number of advantages to sedum green roofs, not least the fact that they are much nicer to look at than a traditional waterproofed roof. There are however some much more serious advantages which may help to contribute to our current climate concerns.

Green Roofs help to alleviate flooding. Following a heavy rainfall they initially retain much more rain than a conventional roof, minimising the initial heavy runoff which has caused havoc in so many South Yorkshire towns this week, causing localised flooding and putting pressure on the sewage system.

The soft layer of sedum blanket growing on a green roof also has the affect of absorbing sound, quietening noisy urban environments and reducing sound pollution within a building. It also increases the thermal insulation of a property making it warmer in winter, cooler in summer and reducing energy costs.

And finally a very important environmental benefit is that green roofs encourage biodiversity of an area. Green roofs can help compensate for the loss of green surfaces, sacrificed to building developments. This helps to provide an environment for the development of wildlife, especially bird, plant and insect life, increasing biodiversity in our towns and cities.

The green roof was installed this week at Leeds University by Lancashire based green roof specialists McLaw Living Roofs.

Karen McMahon of McLaw Living Roofs said ‘The roof already looks great, but over the next 12 months its plants will mature, providing a beautiful feature to the Performing Arts Centre, encouraging the diversity of bird, insect and plant life right in the centre of the city and doing it’s small bit to protect the city from flooding.’

Karen went of to say ‘When we completed the installation of the green roof at Leeds University the team all had huge grins on their faces. They genuinely love installing green roofs! After the installation we had a call from the site foreman who said he’d just been up to see the roof that morning and he couldn’t believe it, there were bees buzzing around and the whole roof was alive!’

leeds university new green sedum roof

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