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Intensive Living Roofs Explained

green_roofs_explainedAn Intensive living roof is an accessible roof garden that can be used for recreational and leisure purposes, and works on a similar basis as an extensive system. When designing an intensive green roof, load bearing should be calculated by a fully qualified structural engineer.

The landscape variations are practically limitless as it is feasible to create an environment at roof level similar to that of any typically designed garden. In fact the more intensive the landscaping, the greater the diversity of options for design. There is little to restrict the scope for design other than the overall weight of the system and its effect on the cost of the supporting construction. However, it is important to first establish the landscape finish you are looking to achieve, which will then have a direct impact on the system and structure to support it.

An intensive garden does require maintenance and management throughout the year to ensure the upkeep of the garden and vegetation, much the same as a normal ground level garden would.