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Examples and case studies

Castle Hill, Bakewell – New Residential Development

We are currently installing a McLaw living roof on 2 new semi-detached houses in Bakewell in the Peak District National Park.
These houses are built into the hillside in the grounds of a stately home and enjoy a stunning rural location. The use of a green roof was integral to planning permission being permitted for this development and will ensure that the houses complement their tranquil surroundings, blending perfectly into the natural beauty of the National Park.

McLaw Living Roofs - Storage Facility

When we decided to build new storage at our Lancashire premises, it was only natural that we would incorporate a green roof!
To enable us to closely monitor green roof development at close proximity we decided to go one better and plant one side with sedum turf and the other side with a wildflower seed mix.
As both sides of the roof develop we will continue to bring you new pictures taken at different times of the year to show you how our roof changes with the seasons. Here is a selection of early pictures taken during construction.

October 2006
Extensive Sedum Living Roof | Wild Flower Seeded Living Roof

green living roof sedum living roof

June 2007
The Sedum plants have now matured to provide a lush mix of colour and texture, attracting a large assortment of insect and bird life.

green living roof sedum living roof

Sedum Roundabout – Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport

The architect who designed this roundabout specified it should use sedum turf. The choice of sedum means the roundabout will maintain a fresh green appearance year round whilst requiring very little future maintenance. Sedum turf does not require regular cutting throughout the summer as a standard grass turf roundabout would.

Leeds University - New Performing Arts Centre Green Roof

Leeds University became a little bet greener with the installation of its very first green roof on its brand new performing arts centre. We completed the installation of the roof in June 2007 which was very timely as there was chaos in many South Yorkshire towns following heavy rains and wide spread flooding. Green Roofs help to alleviate flooding. Following a heavy rainfall they initially retain much more rain than a conventional roof, minimising the initial heavy runoff which causes localised flooding and puts pressure on the sewage system. For more information please see our Press Release page here