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Environmental benefits.

There is increasing concern about the impact our development of the planet is having on the worldwide environment. For this reason the UK government has actively called for sustainable development which meets the needs of the present population without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Green roofs offer a number of benefits to the environment over more traditional forms of roofing and aid the developer in meeting sustainable development needs.

Alleviate Flooding

Following a heavy rainfall a green roof will initially retain more rain than a conventional roof. This minimises the initial heavy runoff, which can cause localised flooding and put pressure on the sewage system.

The remaining water then drains off more slowly, allowing more rain to remain in the natural water cycle and less in the sewage system.

Noise Reduction

The soft layer of sedum blanket growing on a green roof has the affect of absorbing sound, as opposed to hard conventional roofs which can reflect it. In an already noisy urban environment this is certainly beneficial.

The same layer improves the buildings sound insulation properties, reducing sound pollution within the building.

Thermal Insulation

The addition of a green roof layer to a property increases its thermal insulation properties, making it warmer in winter, cooler in summer and reducing energy costs.

Natural Habitat for Animals and Plants

Green roofs can help compensate for the loss of green surfaces, sacrificed to building developments. This helps to provide an environment for the development of wildlife, especially bird, plant and insect life, increasing the biodiversity in our towns and cities.

Improving Building Aesthetics

The clever use of a green roof can help a large building blend into a surrounding green landscape, minimising the impact it has on the immediate environment. This also works at a much smaller scale, softening ugly flat roofs on extensions, garages, sheds etc. helping them blend more easily into their surrounding environment.

Where a building is located in a more urban landscape, the addition of a green roof can introduce a very welcome green interlude in a heavily built up area, where green spaces are few and far between, substituting in some way for the loss of a previous greener landscape.