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Commercial benefits.

Aid to Planning Approval

green roof exampleWith the UK Government's stated aims of encouraging sustainable development which will preserve our environment and natural resources, UK planning departments are progressively demanding more examples of environmental planning in new development plans, submitted for planning approval.

Green roofs aid planning approval because of their environmental and aesthetic benefits and for this reason they are becoming increasingly popular for big urban developments and small domestic developments alike. Green roofs have even been known to aiding planning consent in greenbelt designated areas.

Aid to Marketing

Green roofs on any property make that building more appealing. When placed on urban apartment blocks they enhance the buildings appeal and saleability as it is more appealing to live close to a fresh green space.

When green roofs are placed on industrial units they demonstrate a responsibility of the owner towards protecting and caring about the local environment, improving their image in the local community.

Individual Benefits

It is no surprise to hear that green roofs are very popular with architects and are often incorporated into their own homes. They recognise that green roofs differentiate buildings from the norm and add an air of individualism.

Increased Recreational Space

Intensive green roofs provide the opportunity for increased recreational space without having to make a commitment to additional land. They can therefore increase the appeal and value of a property whist saving significant costs on land investment.

Reduced Renovation Costs

The addition of a green roof will protect the roofs waterproofing layer from all extreme elements including UV-rays, hail and extreme temperature differences. This added protection increases the waterproofing life and reduces the costs of future renovation work.